According to the EPA, 6.8% of plastic waste was recycled in 2018.


A New Perspective

COMPAX CARES, our philanthropic arm has funded the launch of a new recycling education organization in SLC. Through community outreach and partnerships, REDO (Recycling Education Development Organization) is already reducing contamination in local recycling streams.

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Community Education

Reducing contamination from our recycling stream reduces the cost of sustainability. Our grassroots effort is already making a difference in our community.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resins, bio resins, sustainable/bio-degradable additives, paper and glass alternatives. These trends aren’t going anywhere.

Closed-Loop PCR Resin

COMPAX uses 100% of scrap material and currently regrinds plastics in our Salt Lake City manufacturing facility.

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